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This is a collection of songs Matt has had the privilege of writing/co-writing, recording and performing over the years. Listen, enjoy and share!



Back in October of 2013 I was asked to write an anthem that would honor first responders for the job they do by going out and risking their lives on a daily basis. I honestly didn't know where to begin and didn't think I could do it. Over time I began to remember how when my father was dying at home in a hospital bed he would often fall out of the bed while my mother was bathin him. The medics would come out with full respect and honor for my father, pick him up and place him back in the bed. Those guys were hero's in the way they served my father and mother. As I pondered that year I was able to write this anthem. There are over 20 million first responders in our country. Make sure you thank them for the service they provide, you never know when you might need them. You can find out more at

Official Music Video for Thank You First Responder Organization entitled "A Day in the Life..." The music video shares "A Day in the Life" of five different First Responders and communicates the often neglected reality that First Responders are much more than the job responsibilities they perform.